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Without an ANSI standard lamp space drawing, how should lamps, such as R16s, be certified for meeting dimension requirements? Follow

Lamp shapes listed in the ENERGY STAR Version 2.1 specification section 1 scope that do not have a lamp space drawing outlined in an ANSI standard, such as an R16, shall meet the description of the lamp shape per the ANSI standard.

For example, the description of the R lamp shape provided in ANSI standard ANSI C79.1-2002 is as follows: “a bulb that includes a parabolic or elliptical section below the major diameter.”

In absence of a specific lamp space drawing, products seeking ENERGY STAR certification for a standard lamp shape, such as an R16, must meet the intent of the ANSI description and mimic the shape and size of the incandescent product it was designed to replace.

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