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Are Multifamily Buildings Eligible To Earn The ENERGY STAR? Follow

EPA has developed two complimentary ENERGY STAR programs to provide certification to newly constructed multifamily buildings. 

  • Units in low rise multifamily buildings (buildings with 3 stories or less and some 4 and 5 story buildings) can earn the ENERGY STAR through the Certified Homes program. Please refer to the ENERGY STAR National Program Requirements for specific eligibility criteria.   
  • Units in high rise buildings (some 4 and 5 story buildings and all building over 6 stories) can earn the ENERGY STAR through the Multifamily High Rise program. See an overview of the program and eligibility requirements here.

Both the Certified Homes Program and the Multifamily High Rise Program are designed to result in multifamily units and buildings that are at least 15% more energy efficient than building codes or industry standards (2009 IECC and ASHRAE 90.1-2007 respectively). Both programs offer a features-based Prescriptive Path and a modeling-based Performance Path. Additionally, both programs require third-party verification by qualified professionals to ensure that all program requirements have been met.

Certain building types that are multifamily by nature, such as dorms and nursing homes, may not be eligible for either the Certified Homes or the Multifamily High Rise programs because they are already eligible to earn the ENERGY STAR through the Commercial and Industrial Buildings Program. To learn more about how these specific types of multifamily buildings can earn the ENERGY STAR please visit www.energystar.gov/buildings.

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