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What kinds of homes can earn the ENERGY STAR? Follow

Any single-family home, unit in a multifamily building with 4 units or fewer, or unit in a multifamily building with 3 stories or less in height can earn the ENERGY STAR label through the Certified Homes program. This includes traditional site-constructed homes as well as log homes, modular homes, systems-built homes (e.g., insulated concrete forms, structurally insulated panels), and HUD-code manufactured homes. For units in larger multi-family buildings, ENERGY STAR has created a separate Multifamily High Rise Program.

In addition, units in four- and five- story multi-family may be eligible for ENERGY STAR certification through either the Certified Homes program or the Multifamily High Rise program based on the building characteristics. For more information, visit ENERGY STAR eligibility.


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