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Lighting: Can lamps (bulbs) with integral ballasts just use their rated wattage to determine the total power input? Follow

Appendix B of the ENERGY STAR MFHR Performance and Prescriptive Paths lists default input power to account for the total power consumed by a light bulb and ballast in a fixture. The input power for lamps (bulbs) with integral ballasts, like screw-based CFLs, is typically the rated wattage of the bulb, with no additional power added. For example, a 13 Watt screw-based CFL, can be calculated as consuming 13 Watts. A pin-based CFL would be required to account for the ballast, with default values shown in Appendix B. Alternatively, actual ballast power can be used or you may add a minimum of 5% to the lamp power for ballasts/drivers. Read more about ENERGY STAR’s MFHR program requirements.

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