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How do certification bodies (CBs) submit the Spectral Power Distribution (SPD) data to EPA to fulfill the reporting requirement in Lamps V2.0? Follow

In the Lamps V2.0 specification, SPD shall be reported for wavelengths from 380 nm to 780 nm (at a minimum), with an interval not greater than 5 nm. The SPD data should be collected for all ten units in the sample, and then entered into the TM30 calculator (available from the IES) to derive Rf and Rg values, then the average Rf and Rg values for the sample is required to be reported to EPA. To streamline this calculation, EPA recommends using the TM-27 SPDX document format for reporting SPD.  TM-30 Calculation Tool tip: if using the advanced tool, unchecking the “Include sample color visualizations” box on the “Main” tab will minimize the time to calculate Rf and Rg for each unit.

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