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What lifetime is required for a directional luminaire product type (e.g., downlight) in the scope of the ENERGY STAR Luminaires Version 2.0 specification that does not have a replaceable light source and/or driver? Follow

According to the Inseparable SSL Luminaire definition in the ENERGY STAR Luminaires Version 2.0 specification, a directional product covered under the scope listed below should not be considered inseparable for lifetime purposes, and would be subject to a minimum lifetime of 25,000 hours for indoor products, or 35,000 hours for outdoor products.

  • Accent Lights
  • Line-voltage directional track lighting   
  • Track heads Directional ceiling fan light kits 
  • Cove Mount and Under Cabinet Lights 
  • Downlights
  • SSL Downlight Retrofit Kits 
  • Surface Mount   
  • Recessed Pendant Mount 
  • Outdoor Lighting Post mount Wall Mounted Luminaires   
  • Pendant Mount Security Lighting   
  • Porch Lights  
  • Portable Desk Task Lights  


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