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What is an Energy Performance Indicator? Follow

An Energy Performance Indicator (EPI) is a tool available from ENERGY STAR that evaluates the energy efficiency of manufacturing plants relative to that of the industry. Currently, EPIs are available for the following industries:

Automobile assembly plants

Cement manufacturing plants

Container glass manufacturing plants

Cookie and cracker plants

Flat glass manufacturing plants

Frozen fried potato processing plants

Integrated pulp and paperboard manufacturing plants

Juice processing plants

Pharmaceutical manufacturing plants

Pulp mills

Wet corn mills

Plants receiving a score of at least 75 that also meet the other eligibility criteria are eligible to earn the ENERGY STAR.

EPIs are available for download on our ENERGY STAR Energy Performance Indicators for plants Web page.

Note that there is no EPI used for petroleum refineries. Petroleum refineries must use the Solomon-EII scoring system and undergo third party verification by Solomon Associates.

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