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What clothes washer cycle is tested when determining ENERGY STAR qualification? Do the extra features offered on some clothes washers affect the efficiency of the product? Follow

The test procedures for clothes washers mainly consider the "normal cycle" of the washer. The "normal cycle" is the cycle recommended by the manufacturer for washing cotton and/or linen clothes. The tests do not consider any extra features or optional cycles such as pre-wash, second rinse, etc.

The use of extra features will influence the energy efficiency of the product, but the use of such features is only one factor that influences the overall energy consumption of the clothes washer. The number of loads and the number of hot-water cycles used will typically have a greater effect on energy consumption than the use of extra features; as such features are not typically used for every load of laundry. The majority of the energy used by clothes washers is energy used indirectly by the home to heat the water that is used in the washer. Water heating consumes about 90% of the energy it takes to operate a clothes washer.

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