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Can a single window qualify as ENERGY STAR in all climate zones for all 50 states? Follow

Yes. A window with a U-factor of less than or equal to 0.30 and a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of less than or equal to 0.27 could qualify in all regions.

ENERGY STAR criteria is based on the U-factor and SHGC combinations that provide significant energy efficiency for a given climate zone. By meeting the most stringent U-factor (0.30 or less in the Northern Zone) and the most stringent SHGC (0.27 or less in the Southern Zone), a window can qualify in all 50 states. A window meeting these criteria maximizes heating savings in the Northern Zone, while also minimizing cooling costs in the Southern Zone.

Review the ENERGY STAR windows, doors, and skylight Key Product Criteria (see page 5) to learn more.

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