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Can CFLs be used horizontally? I heard they could only be used vertically. Is this true and why? Follow

ENERGY STAR qualified CFLs generally can be used both horizontally and vertically. The operating position of a CFL can affect how well the lamp performs, which can affect the product's lumen output. However, while the exact light output may differ slightly between the lumen rating stated on the packaging and the light output based on the installed position, the difference generally is so small that it would be unnoticeable. ENERGY STAR qualified CFLs are tested in both the base-down and base-up positions, which are the two most extreme positions within the range of possible installation options. If there is greater than 5% difference between the base-up and base-down lumen output ratings, manufacturers are required by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to put that disclosure on the packaging. Additionally, the ENERGY STAR CFL Program Requirements allow manufacturers to test products in a horizontal or other alternative position, if it is the position for the CFLs intended use, and subsequent marketing. If a manufacturer wants to market an ENERGY STAR qualified CFL for use in one particular position only, they must state this explicitly on the packaging. For example, if installing a CFL horizontally or base-down would cause a noticeable change in the lumen output or performance, the packaging would be required to state "For use in base-up position only." Another option is one of the many ENERGY STAR qualified light fixtures which incorporate bulbs specifically designed for the fixture.

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