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What's the difference between an ENERGY STAR fixture and a standard fixture (same style/size) using ENERGY STAR CFLs? Is the savings the same if I purchase regular fixtures and use all CFLs? Follow

The energy savings would be the same if you used either an ENERGY STAR qualified light fixture or a standard light fixture with ENERGY STAR qualified "screw-in" compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). However, ENERGY STAR qualified fixtures come with pin-based CFLs that are required to last at least 10,000 hours (~9 years, assuming 3 hours/day). ENERGY STAR qualified CFLs are required to last at least 6,000 hours. So, you should save some money on bulbs with ENERGY STAR qualified fixtures. Replacement pin-based CFL bulbs can be found at most hardware or home improvement centers, at lighting showrooms, and online retailers. In addition, ENERGY STAR qualified fixtures are designed around the light source, including proper fit, color, wattage, and durability. If special features, like a dimmer, are important to you it would be safer to buy an ENERGY STAR qualified light fixture, so you know it works with CFLs. Some standard fixtures with special features won't work well with all CFLs. For example, if you have a standard fixture that has a dimmer, you will need to purchase a CFL that is made to work with a dimmer. More information on ENERGY STAR qualified lighting: energystar.gov/lighting.

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