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Who are Home Energy Raters? Follow

Home Energy Raters are specially trained and certified to provide energy-efficiency strategies and diagnostic testing for existing and new residential and commercial construction. Home Energy Raters provide an objective, third-party analysis of a home's energy efficiency. Raters offer two major types of services:

1) Assistance in reviewing current construction practices and recommending improvements that will result in ENERGY STAR compliance; and

2) Conducting Home Energy Rating System (HERS) ratings. 

To ensure that a home meets all current ENERGY STAR program requirements, a home builder may submit the building plans to a Rater for a plan review. Raters input information from the plans into computer simulation programs that estimate the annual household energy use. The software generates a HERS score and HERS Index score that compares the consumption of the home to be built against a reference home based on the latest residential building code, or International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). The Rater can then recommend construction practices and equipment necessary to meet all ENERGY STAR requirements.

You can search the New Homes Partner Locator for Raters who are ENERGY STAR partners.


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