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How do I get a new product category approved for ENERGY STAR? Follow

To learn about the new product categories that are currently under consideration for the ENERGY STAR, please visit the New Specifications in Development page.

If your product does not fall into an ENERGY STAR product category, and it is not currently under consideration, please review the ENERGY STAR Guiding Principles that outline the criteria that EPA follows in determining whether to develop or revise ENERGY STAR product specifications (find it on our Specs in Development page). Here you will find a description of the product development process as well as updates and revisions to existing ENERGY STAR product specifications. Due to the government's limited ability to create and administer new programs, the level of energy savings and greenhouse gas reductions produced by a product must be significant in order for it to be considered for the ENERGY STAR.

If you feel that your product meets the relevant criteria used to determine product categories that are introduced into the ENERGY STAR program please contact us.

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