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How does an SPP Partner get a hyperlink to its Web site from the list of Most Active SPP Partners? Follow

From the Most Active Service and Product Provider  page, we will hyperlink to an SPP Partner's Web site as long as you are in compliance with ENERGY STAR's Web Linking Policy. There are three requirements:

1. Display the ENERGY STAR name and logo (used in compliance with the ENERGY STAR Identity Guidelines);

2. Reference or provide a reciprocal link to the ENERGY STAR Web site (www.energystar.gov) for more information about the program; and

3. Include a brief description of the partner's participation in ENERGY STAR (Sample Text).

The hyper link from the ENERGY STAR Web site will be directed to the page on the partner's site that contains these required elements. Note that meeting the Web Linking Policy is optional. Active partners who do not wish to comply will continue to be listed on the ENERGY STAR Web site, but will not have a link to their sites.

After meeting the above requirements, please contact us to request a review of your web page for compliance with the policy. Be sure to provide the specific address for the web page that you wish to link to.




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