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I have base board water heat (boiler) in my home.  Would it be beneficial to use a programmable thermostat? Follow

Hot-water radiator systems generally do take longer to heat up once they are turned down. However, if you are out of the house more than about 6 hours a day, then you will likely benefit from turning down your thermostat when you’re away from the house or asleep. A programmable thermostat would also allow you to turn the temperature back up 1 hour before you get home, so the system is warmed up. Contact your local HVAC contractor to find out whether a programmable thermostat is available for your particular system and what they recommend. Proper installation will cost about $200, but you will re-coup that investment over time, in as little as 2 years.

Of course, also consider improving the “envelope” of your home – adequate insulation and proper air sealing in walls, attic, etc., to keep the warm air in longer and save energy. Check the Home Improvement pages of our website for detailed recommendations, or download our DIY Guide to home sealing.

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