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What is an umbrella pledge driver for the "Change the World, Start with ENERGY STAR" campaign? And how do I become one? Follow

An umbrella pledge driver can sign up other organizations as pledge drivers under it's "umbrella." For example, a school district may like to sign up as an umbrella, with its individual schools signed up as pledge drivers underneath the district. Those organizations underneath the umbrella can collect individual pledges as a normal pledge driver would, but their pledges will also count toward the umbrella organization's total. As an umbrella, you'll be able to see the pledge totals of any organizations signed up under you from your organization's tracking page.

To register as an umbrella organization, simply register as a pledge driver (if you haven't already) at www.energystar.gov/pledgedrivers and send an e-mail to changetheworld@energystar.gov requesting to become an umbrella organization. Once we see your e-mail and registration come through, we'll process you as an umbrella pledge driver and your name will appear in the "Add us as a member of" drop-down menu on the pledge driver registration form. To sign up organizations under your umbrella, simply have them register as pledge drivers (or the umbrella can register for them) and choose your umbrella organization from the "Add us as a member of" drop-down menu.

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