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Are solid state lighting (SSL) retrofit kits designed to replace externally ballasted compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) downlights covered by the scope of the ENERGY STAR Luminaires Specification? Follow

While the intent of SSL downlight retrofits in the Luminaires specification is to cover products intended to retrofit incandescent downlight fixtures, SSL retrofits for CFL downlights are also allowed.  Similar to retrofits for incandescent downlights, a retrofit for a CFL downlight must meet all the downlight performance criteria, such as the ability to meet the distribution requirements with and without the aid of a recessed can fixture.  Retrofits must have the appropriate safety listings and clear explanations of the situations in which the safety listings are applicable (such as a SSL recessed retrofit kit that is only safety listed for specific CFL fixtures).  SSL retrofit kits for CFL luminaires include retrofits that bypass the ballast, such as a line voltage G24 based retrofit, and retrofits that replace the ballast with an LED driver.  

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