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A Version 7.0 certified television was tested using the U.S. Department of Energy Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (DOE NOPR) and was subsequently tested at an in-house non-accredited laboratory to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Televisions Final Rule ( Follow


Yes. EPA requires CBs to provide measured and reported values for several key data fields. Measured values are included in laboratory test reports. Reported values are those that will be displayed on the ENERGY STAR Certified Products List. Partners may provide reported values that differ from measured values, for example, to ensure that product literature is aligned with the EPA ENERGY STAR Certified Products List, if the following criteria are met:


      1. Both measured values and reported values meet the applicable ENERGY STAR specification. Any of the DOE sampling measurements may be provided; and


       2. The reported value shall not be more efficient than the measured value. More conservative ratings are allowed.


More information on measured versus reported values for ENERGY STAR certification can be found in Directive 2011-05 at energystar.gov/3rdpartycert.



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