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As a product brand owner partner, can I use multiple certification bodies (CBs) to certify different models within the same product category? Follow

While partners should use one CB per product category, EPA recognizes that there may be some cases where the use of multiple CBs for a single product category is warranted. For example, if a partner has a private labeled product where the original product was already certified by a CB, EPA understands that the partner of the private labeled product cannot or simply may not want to use that same CB when certifying the product under its company name. There may also be cases where a number of models must be certified within certain time constraints that would not be met if only a single CB were used. As there may be several other examples of why partners may want to use different CBs for the same product category, EPA has allowed for some flexibility built into the requirements. However, it is still highly recommended that partners use only one CB per product category whenever possible.

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