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What energy savings measures can I take before I go away on summer vacation? Follow

There are several easy steps for you to consider before you leave for a vacation: -Set your air conditioner (AC) to a high temperature (like 85 degrees) rather than completely turn it off. Your refrigerator will have to work harder if your house gets too hot. You should have a "hold" setting so you don't have to lose all your current settings. -Pull down your blinds to keep out as much sun as possible. -Aside from those one or two lights that you may want to leave on for safety, make sure everything else is turned off all lights, the alarm on your radio, and other products that plug in to outlets, particularly ceiling fans. -Avoid wasting energy on unused electronics while you're away by unplugging them. This includes hand-held electronics, such as phones, MP3 players, chargers, and even laptops. -Set your hot water heater to the "away" or "vacation" setting.

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