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I am trying to find an ENERGY STAR qualified top loading stacked laundry center.  Do they exist? Follow

Yes, they do exist but may be hard to find.  Most ENERGY STAR qualified washing machines are front-loading machines.  ENERGY STAR collects many pieces of data on the clothes washer models submitted to the program, but unfortunately, we do not know if a model is a stacked unit based on the data we receive.  Thus, our list of qualified products does not indicate if a particular model is stacked or not stacked.

We recommend contacting the manufacturer directly or checking the Web sites of major retailers such as Lowe's, Home Depot, Best Buy, etc. Their Web sites should indicate if a model is ENERGY STAR.  If you want to check  whether a model is ENERGY STAR qualified, you can look for the model number on our qualified product list.

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