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I'm looking for an energy-efficient dishwasher and want to make the best choice. Any advice? Follow

The ENERGY STAR for Dishwashers webpage is a good place to start. There you will find helpful purchasing tips and a list of ENERGY STAR qualified dishwashers. New ENERGY STAR models use 10% less energy, on average, and 33% water than new non-qualified models.

The ENERGY STAR qualified dishwasher product search provides the annual energy consumption; the gallons of water per cycle; and the “percent better” than the federal standard for each ENERGY STAR qualified dishwasher.

The criteria for ENERGY STAR qualified dishwashers are:

Product Type

Federal Standard Energy Consumption

ENERGY STAR Energy Consumption and Water Use

Standard (>= 8 place settings + six serving pieces)

>= 467 kWh/year

<= 324 kWh/year
<= 5.8 gallons/cycle

Compact (< 8 place settings + six serving pieces)

>= 346 kWh/year

<= 234 kWh/year
<= 4.0 gallons/cycle

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