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What is the status of the ENERGY STAR insulation partnership and product specific, and what changes are expected? Follow

ENERGY STAR suspended both product labeling and new manufacturing partnerships for insulation in 2009. We are hoping to reinstate the partnership in the summer of 2011. The proposed new requirements for insulation suggest that it must meet the following criteria: Must conform to the definition for "home insulation" per FTC regulations (16 CFR Part 460); Must follow appropriate test methods; Must be manufactured for residential application; Must have an R-value greater than 3.0. Product is reviewed and evaluated for conformance by an EPA recognized certification body (CB). If these requirements are met, a partnered manufacturer who agrees to the new conditions of the ENERGY STAR insulation program would be able to use the Seal & Insulate with the ENERGY STAR label on their insulation product. More information on the ENERGY STAR home insulation products program.

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