Turning a CFL on and off frequently can shorten its life. ENERGY STAR certified LED bulbs can handle frequent switching with no problem. However, because of the vast diversity of products and different usages, it is difficult to determine exactly how much.

To take full advantage of the energy savings and long life of ENERGY STAR certified bulbs, it is best to use them in light fixtures you use the most. Good locations include outdoor light fixtures, indoor fixtures in the living room, family room, kitchen, bedroom, recreation room, etc. This is not to say you should leave your lights on all day if you use ENERGY STAR certified bulbs. It is still a good habit to turn the lights off when you leave the room for an extended period of time.

You may also have heard that CFLs use a lot of energy when turning on and off. While there is a brief surge in energy use when a CFL is turned on, with today's starting technology, that surge usually lasts about a tenth of a second and consumes about as much energy as five seconds of normal operation. So, even when turned on and off frequently, a CFL uses less energy than its incandescent equivalent. But because turning a CFL on and off more frequently can shorten its life and CFLs are more expensive than incandescents, we recommend consumers use CFLs in applications where they are on for at least fifteen minutes.