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I want to replace my incandescent light bulbs. How do I select the best CFL? Follow

Finding an ENERGY STAR qualified CFL that will put out the same amount of light as your current incandescent bulb is easy. Manufacturers include product equivalency information on the packaging to help consumers choose a bulb that produces enough light. For example, if you are looking for an ENERGY STAR qualified light bulb to replace your 60-watt incandescent, look for words like "Soft White 60", or "60 Watt Replacement" on the packaging. You can also refer to the chart below to as a guide for selecting the right bulb. A watt is actually a measure of power consumption. When purchasing a light bulb, what you are really after is light output, which is measured in lumens. When you purchase a 60-watt incandescent bulb, you are getting about 800 lumens. By selecting a 13-watt ENERGY STAR qualified CFL instead, you can still get 800 lumens, but it requires much less power. Energy Use for Incandescent Light Bulbs (Watts) Minimum Light Output (Lumens) Energy Use for common ENERGY STAR qualified CFLs (Watts) 25 250 4 to 9 40 450 9 to 13 60 800 13 to 15 75 1,100 18 to 25 100 1,600 23 to 30 125 2,000 28 to 40 150 2,600 30 to 52 Be sure to look for the ENERGY STAR mark on the product packaging. ENERGY STAR qualified CFLs must pass product quality and performance tests to earn the ENERGY STAR, so CFLs with the ENERGY STAR mark are a notch above the others. Also, make sure you choose the right light for the right place, and that you read the CFL packaging. For example, for popular recessed ceiling fixtures (also called recessed cans), choose a CFL made for this application. In addition, only a handful of CFLs currently work well on dimmer and remote switches, or come with a 3-way switching feature. Read the packaging to be sure you properly place your new CFL and get the best performance. If you are having trouble locating lower wattages or specialty bulbs, try an online retailer for a better selection.

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