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Can real estate professionals partner with ENERGY STAR? Follow

Currently, Real Estate Agents cannot become "official" ENERGY STAR partners because there is no way for EPA to track specific activity in this industry as it relates to ENERGY STAR. In other ENERGY STAR partnership categories, partners are made 'inactive' if they don't perform certain tasks in a specified amount of time (e.g., a builder who does not build any ENERGY STAR homes for a year becomes inactive). For Real Estate Agents, we have no metric to gauge continuing activity.  

However, EPA believes that Real Estate Agents who promote ENERGY STAR (and energy efficiency in general) can offer their customers an added value.

In addition, there are a number of 'green broker' programs that do offer certifications, such as the National Association of Realtor's (NAR) Green Designation  and Eco-broker .

If we devise a defensible way to offer a partnership to Real Estate Agents in the future, we will update this FAQ.

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