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What is the Certified Lighting Subcomponent Database (CSD)? Where can I find more information about what can be listed, and how it can be useful for certifying luminaires with ENERGY STAR? Follow

The Certified Lighting Subcomponent Database (CSD) is similar in purpose to the NEMA/ALA Lamp and Ballast Platform Matrix. The CSD will allow EPA-Recognized Certification Bodies (CBs) to upload make, model and certified performance data for tested lighting subcomponents including lamps, ballasts, GU24-based integrated (self-ballasted) lamps, and LED light engines. This performance data can be referenced when certifying a luminaire with ENERGY STAR. The NEMA/ALA matrix data can no longer serve this purpose because that data has not been certified by EPA-Recognized CBs, and may not have originated from EPA-Recognized Laboratories. Please note: subcomponents listed on the CSD are not themselves ENERGY STAR qualified. The CSD is intended to streamline the certification process; subcomponents are not required to be listed on the CSD to be employed in an ENERGY STAR certified luminaire. The CSD and additional information about it is available at www.energystar.gov/lightingsubcomponents



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