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When should a certification body (CB) notify the partner and withdraw certification for a lighting model or subcomponent that fails lifetime/full qualification testing? Follow

The ENERGY STAR lighting specifications for Compact Fluorescent Lamps, Integral LED Lamps and Luminaires (the requirements for shipped lamps) allow for initial (conditional) qualification based on the completion of minimum lumen maintenance or lifetime testing requirements. This provision requires that lifetime testing be completed and met for full qualification. In all instances where subsequent to an initial product qualification, if a certification body (CB) receives lifetime testing results indicating that the product has failed to meet its rated lifetime (as indicated on product packaging), the CB is required within 2 business days to report this information as a lifetime product testing failure by submitting a failure report form to Enforcement@energystar.gov per the Standard Operating Procedure for Certification of Products to ENERGY STAR Specifications. The CB may notify the partner and must withdraw certification immediately.  

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