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Why doesn't the new IES TM-21 Calculator work for IES LM-80-08 data with uneven test intervals, and what can I do with this data? Follow

EPA-recognized certification bodies (CBs) should use the newest version of the TM-21 Calculator (dated 8-28-14) unless the LM-80 data has intervals that are not consistent with the 2014 TM-21 Addendum. For data containing uneven test intervals CBs may use an alternate calculator (which allows for calculation using uneven measurement intervals) dated 12-30-14 until future notice.  Both calculators are available on the Lamps specification page and Luminaires specification page 

EPA advises those performing IES LM-80-08 testing to start ensuring data points comply with the IES TM-21 Addendum requirements regarding measurement intervals as soon as possible as the updated versions of LM-80 and TM-21 and/or the Addendum will likely be referenced in forthcoming ENERGY STAR lighting specifications.  

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