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Are large screen computing products, designed to be viewed by multiple people in non-desk based environments, included in the scope of Computers V6.1 or Displays V6.0? For example, products similar to the CNN "Magic Wall." Follow

Large screen computing products are outside the scope of both the display and computer specifications. The size and resolution are far larger than contemplated by the display specification and there is a limit on the size and resolution for which a display can receive an allowance. Additionally, the Displays Version 6.0 specification specifically states that a display's "primary function displays visual information from (1) a computer, workstation or server via one or more inputs (e.g., VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, IEEE 1394, USB), (2) external storage (e.g., USB flash drive, memory card), or (3) a network connection. This places an implicit design requirement that the product displays information from inputs, network or external storage. Large screen devices have a built-in computing device and fall outside this portion of the definition. The Computers Version 6.1 specification was never written with such a product in mind. While theoretically such devices are covered under this specification, no device like it was in the data set used to develop the equation and allowances for screen power in integrated desktops. Additionally, the device's usage is not similar to that of a desktop integrated PC. As such, large screen computing devices (that which is larger than or equal to 45) are excluded from the Computers specification for the time being.

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