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Do set-top boxes (STBs) certified to ENERGY STAR Version 3 specification need to be retested for purposes of certification to Version 4.1 specification? Follow

If the test method changes do not impact the measured energy consumption of the Version 3.0 certified product, then the product does not need to be retested. All other products must be retested to Version 4.1. Below the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides, as a guide, a list of STB types and configurations whose energy use is likely meaningfully impacted by the test method changes and therefore require retesting. For products not impacted by the test method change, the CB should accept the Version 3.0 test data and indicate in the Notes field of the XML web service product submission to EPA that the product was tested to the Version 3.0 test procedure.

EPA Guide of STB types and configurations whose energy use is likely to be meaningfully impacted by the Version 4.1 test method change:

a) Any product with WiFi and any Coax based HNI.

b) Any product that has deep sleep.

c) Any multi-room device (non client) claiming the Multi-room adder.

d) Thin Clients that have WiFi.

e) Any product claiming the Ultra High Definition adder.



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