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For ENERGY STAR certified residential dishwashers, what test procedure should be used for purposes of verifying performance of products certified to Version 5 prior to May 30, 2013, when the DOE test procedure changed? Follow

As of May 30, 2013, certification bodies (CBs) should use DOE 10 CFR 430 Subpart B, Appendix C1 for purposes of verifying dishwashers certified to Version 5 ENERGY STAR Dishwasher Program Requirements. Brand owners of products subject to federal minimum efficiency standards that experience certified ratings change are responsible for updating their product claims, including those associated with their ENERGY STAR certification. This is done by notifying their CB to ensure that this data is reflected on the ENERGY STAR lists of certified products per Directive #2011-05: Measured versus Reported Values for ENERGY STAR Certification. In response, CBs should update the ENERGY STAR certification to reflect the updated rating. 



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