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What is the difference between an EPA-recognized certification body (CB) and an EPA-recognized testing laboratory? Follow

EPA requires testing in accordance with the applicable ENERGY STAR product specification at an EPA-recognized testing laboratory followed by certification by an EPA-recognized certification body (CB). Only a CB can determine that a product meets the ENERGY STAR criteria or grant use the ENERGY STAR mark; a laboratory is not authorized to make claims about a product's eligibility for ENERGY STAR certification. In some cases, the same company may own one or more laboratories, and may also own a CB. The applicable international standards require that these parts of an organization be distinct and firewall from each other. CB personnel will determine if a product meets the ENERGY STAR criteria; staff associated with the test lab will not be part of that decision. For additional information about the specific roles of third-party organizations, see the ENERGY STAR Process Flow Diagram.

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